We are members of a great body. We must consider that we were born for the good of the whole." ~ Seneca 4 B.C. – 65 A.D.

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Rita Bonnici
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Mission Statement:
The Greater Good is dedicated to educating consumers and raising public awareness by being the largest recognized Holistic Referral Organization that offers consumers a trustworthy source of finding qualified and approved Holistic Business Practitioners and Service Providers.
Values:   ● Integrity    ● Consumer Trust & Protection    ● Authenticity    ● Humanity
Vision:   "Bridge the Gap” between Traditional & Alternative Health for Consumers

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Statistics show that an increasing number of consumers are now turning towards natural ways of living and healing their bodies, minds and their environment.

Even with all the resources and internet knowledge available today, consumers have become inundated with so many options and prefer to have a strong “word of mouth” referral company that will help them find reputable Holistic Health Care Professionals. Consumers also want to take comfort in knowing that their health care needs are going to be met by an integral Natural Health Care Provider that will not only validate the claims they promise but also offer their clients an amazing experience as well.

The Greater Good is that Governing Body which focuses mainly on the Holistic Industry. It was created to help educate and bring awareness to consumers by helping them recognize immediately which Holistic businesses can be trusted by eliminating all the confusion and false claims made by many up-coming new age holistic businesses.

When a consumer sees a business that bears The Greater Good Seal of Integrity™ , they can take comfort in knowing that all referred business owners would have successfully passed a detailed screening process in order to qualify them as an approved and accredited holistic business operating as a trustworthy source which adheres to The Greater Good Best Holistic Business Practices.  

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