Who will become part of “The Greater Good”

The name speaks for itself whereby those who are inspired to become part of this team of EXCLUSIVE Integral, Positive and Enlightened Business Professionals will see great value in becoming part of The Greater Good.

The Greater Good is a World-Class organization unlike any other business that exists today. We recognize that the timing is now to bring together a higher vibration of people and restore ethics and honour in the healthcare industry in order to genuinely contribute to the global healing of this planet.

And will see true values in our invitation to consider becoming part of a world-class business that is welcoming back “old-fashioned” ethics and honesty. We believe that “the Best of the Best” also recognize and live by.

It especially recognizes that through strategic collaboration with other like-minded, heart-centred business owners, that we need to come together in create a voice to mainstream consumers that are unaware of the benefits to Holistic Health and give them the option to choose order to build credibility and sustainability amongst mainstream consumers.

It is time to recognize all that is good, just and fair in a world that seems to have lost these primal values. The Greater Good is an organization that is prepared to bring back value to being good and caring for vulnerability by attracting those that resonate with these same values.

The Greater Good invites those businesses that also recognize the same principles and values and feel confident that they, too, can contribute through the collaboration with other like-minded professionals. The Greater Good is dedicated to offering its Members a sense of community, public support by continually educating consumers in order to bring awareness to the benefits of Natural Health Care and the source to finding these authentic practitioners. The Greater Good recognizes and embraces the uniqueness and individuality of each of its Members as well as offering them an opportunity for to:

  • Obtain public recognition and position their business as a unique healing business through a strong sense of purpose, responsibility and conviction.
  • Empower both themselves as individuals and as business owners to network and connect with other positive, like-minded professionals that will help them grow their businesses.
  • Recognize the strong business potential through the “power in numbers” and community.
  • Build leverage, credibility and potentially more mainstream customers/clients by standing out from other competitors not bearing the Greater Good Seal of Integrity.
  • Offer a forum in which they can contribution to help move humanity by becoming part of “the bigger picture” – a global vision and commitment to healing this others and this world.
  • Gain support by a Holistic Governing Body that will position your business as one CONSUMERS CAN TRUST.

Holistic Business owners now have a hub company that will govern and support them as Natural Health Care Practitioners and also protect the vulnerability of consumers that are new to the benefits of natural rememdies and holistic healing by referring them to only approved and integral Holistic Professionals.

Other Member Privileges...
  • Member-to-Member Discounted Rates.  (ONLY applies to Recognized Members)
  • Discounted admission off all Greater Good Holistic Networking Events, Workshops and Seminars
  • Opportunity to become a guest speaker and present your business product or services during specific Greater Good Holistic Networking Events.
  • On-Line presence and FREE business exposure for your business.