The Seal of Integrity

What Consumers are saying…

According to consumer studies, the way in which healthcare providers market themselves, heavily influences a consumer’s choice of healthcare treatments. And, unfortunately, even with all the advancements in natural health care, many holistic alternative-medicine providers still get lumped into the “snake-oil” category and are dismissed as such by the average consumer.

The Greater Good takes prides in restoring what has become “old-fashioned” ethics and honesty and has brought it back to consumers. The Greater Good Seal of Integrity™ -


The Greater Good operates with a Heart-Centred Philosophy. It recognizes and refers businesses that are truly authentic; operates under good intent and is genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of its consumers.

Each Greater Good Member has been recognized as having these same qualities and does their work with pure intent operating under the principles of Holistic Best Business Practices.

We promise to continue to educate and bring awareness to consumers on the importance of combining traditional healing with alternative healing and by referring only approved and qualified practitioners for their health care needs.


The Greater Good embraces the uniqueness and individuality of each of its Members as well as offering a unique opportunity to:

  • Gain professional support from a Holistic Governing Body that will market your business as one CONSUMERS CAN TRUST.
  • Increase mainstream recognition by positioning your business as a genuine healing company that truly cares about its client’s health needs; and also takes personal responsibility and accountability towards their well-being.
  • Empower both themselves as individuals and as business owners to connect with other positive, like-minded professionals that will help them promote their company by building business alliances.
  • Raise your company’s business advantage by capitalizing on the “power in numbers” through collaboration and partnering with other Members.
  • Build leverage and credibility from mainstream customers by standing out from competitors by becoming certified with The Greater Good Seal of Integrity™ .
  • Become part of a forum in which your business can contribute to help move humanity by becoming part of “the bigger picture” – a global vision to heal the planet with a strong commitment to helping others.


Holistic Business owners now have a core company that will govern and support them as Natural Health Care Practitioners and Service Providers and also protect the vulnerability of consumers that are new to the benefits of natural remedies and holistic healing by offering them the tool to find Qualified and Authentic Holistic Professionals that they can trust to service their health needs.